Clydesdale Horses Outing

Clydesdale Horses Outing

Clydesdale Horses Outing submitted by Tom Kallsen

As the old saying goes “they shoot horses, don’t they?”. That is what a sizable group of horse lovers did this cold and breezy Saturday in January. Armed with their weapons of choice, be it Nikon, Canon, Fuji, DSLR or M4/3, we braved the -13 degree temperature and 20KPH wind to shoot some fine horses. With the sunny- cloudy mix the lighting was somewhat harsh with deeply shaded sides – hello Photoshop.

The award winning Clydesdale horses at the farm of Lorie & Jim Hanes were very friendly animals indeed, especially if you had mints to share with them. We were warned to save the mints for near the end but of course who could resist. Once someone gave a mint to a horse it became their shadow and getting enough distance to get a shot was difficult. Our hosts were very gracious and Lori even figured they needed a little exercise so she grabbed her ATV and had them running around a bit for us to get some action shots. All in all it was a great way to spend a few hours.

I’m told that Lori was thrilled to have our group. in appreciation it would be nice to send her a copy of one or two of your best images. Gail had sent out an email with Lori’s contact info.

Thanks go out to Gail MacLellan for arranging this event for us.