Black and White Revisited

Black and White Revisited

Submitted by
Tom Kallsen
Hamilton Camera Club

There was a good size turnout at the Jan. 11/16 meeting for Colin Williams’ presentation “Black and White Revisited”. It was good to have Colin back at the HCC sharing his knowledge and passion for the photographic image.

The presentation was informative with information on past chemical treatments to achieve effects to the modern day software processing workflow that is today’s norm. Definitions of various terms such as Luminosity, Luminance and others were well explained. The demonstration on perception was interesting.

Colin’s methods for converting colour images to black and white, or other tones, is very successful as demonstrated by the printed images that were on display. I for one am looking forward to attending his hands on workshop.

Well done Colin and thank you.


Colin’s Assignment:

An Assignment: ….The intent is to photograph something black and for additional excitement against a black background. ……..You will need to use lighting effectively so that you can still see the form and texture of the object and background,……….. if you are photographing black glass or pottery as an example you will have to be mindful of the specular highlights that light or flash can produce………. For the ultimate test and those daring to do so, try to produce a jpeg directly from your camera without having to do any post processing. ….This will test you on white balance and exposure settings