Bison Farm Outing

Bison Farm Outing

Submitted by Tom Kallsen

On Saturday May 7 an enthusiastic group of Bison Hunters met in beautiful rural Oakland Ontario.

The weather was good with harsh morning light changing to somewhat cloudy after a short while. Our hosts at the ranch were simply wonderful, giving information and even providing the beasts with a corn treat near the fences so as to lure them up close for us. There were a couple of bison that stood guard on us at times, snorting and stomping at us when they felt we were too close and creating a few startles when the concentration was through the lens. It pays to shoot with both eyes open at times.

We were told there were two calves about a week old but it seems as there was a newborn that morning, as in the background away from the main herd there was a mother and third calf. It lay there with mom licking it for about thirty minutes and then arose and somewhat unsteady for a minute scampered after mom as she moved about. It didn’t take long and the little one was moving about confidently.

Along with the Bison there was a herd of Red Deer we also took some “shots” at. The Guineafowl and Bantam roosters were also available for “shooting”.

Over all it was an enjoyable morning of fun and friendship. A big thank you to Bob Gillie for arranging this. We were even invited to come again in the future.