Birds in Flight Workshop

Birds in Flight Workshop

Submitted by
Gail MacLellan
Hamilton Camera Club

Bird photography obviously hits a chord with the members of the HCC.

Art Ward’s workshop this weekend brought out a good number of participants poised to hear how he captures his birds in flight photos.

Art pointed out that equipment only plays a small role in the photos you get. Knowing your subject will get you further in capturing those “unique” moments. Understanding the bird’s behavior will help you predict their movement, thus being ready to capture their flight pattern.

Art has proven himself over and over again with his beautiful images, but he says, make sure you get out there and practice. Start with the bigger birds to learn, they move slower, then the sky is the limit!


From our Facebook page:

Jim Hixon says…Thanks Art Ward for a great workshop today on birds in flight…well put together with lots of inspiring images….

Gail MacLellan says…Fantastic workshop with art Art Ward yesterday. Up bright and early today to practice, practice, practice!

Karen Cunningham says…Thanks Art, for an informative presentation on photographing birds.