Birds in Flight Workshop by Art Ward

Birds in Flight Workshop by Art Ward    submitted by Tom Kallsen

On Saturday April 21 HCC Master member Art Ward presented the workshop on his experience in shooting (with camera only) Birds in Flight to 26 hardy souls who braved sitting inside on our first awesome day we had this Spring. Along with a lot of useful information there was also a lot of laughs. He taught to have your camera set up to shoot before you set your focus on the birds. Set up a high shutter speed and exposure, focus on the target early but don’t press the shutter until the bird is in the 20 degree zone. This way you will have less images to edit out as well as the bird being more on the same plane with the image sensor so that a smaller F-stop can be used to help keep the shutter speed high. Know your equipment so you can change settings without fumbling around and like in golf, follow through panning after no longer pressing the button.

There were many images in his presentation from excellent captures to ones that demonstrated what was not so good and why. Tips on backgrounds and what you can do in Photoshop if the background sucks. I think everyone came away with some useful information, even if one was already trying shooting birds in flight.

Thank you Art. I think we all learned something and had had some fun as well.

PS: Loved the Mourning Doves!!!!!