Beat Glanzmann – Capturing extraordinary light, landscapes and wildlife in the Yukon Wilderness

The Hamilton Camera Club had the good fortune to secure Beat Glanzmann (pronounced Bay-yacht for those not familiar with the Swiss/German pronunciation) as a guest speaker at our Dec 2/19 meeting. Beat shared with us not only fantastic images and video, many tips for getting better images but also his incredible life’s journey. Viewing his landscapes, star trails, northern lights, images of wildlife – bears, moose, eagles, wolves and others, like the trout’s eye view of ice fishing video, tends to draw one right into the location. I for one found this. The beauty of it all sure seems like living in the remote Yukon is like living a photographer’s dream, although with up to minus 70 wind chill and a 400 KM round trip for groceries makes it a maybe not for me. It takes someone special. Beat continues to push photography boundaries to the limits – low light night (northern lights, star trails), high speed wildlife actions (eagles, bears a.o.) as well as landscapes (frozen lakes, mountains, fall colours), all often at unique locations during unusual light conditions. Be sure to check out his website and be awed. Beat Glanzmann offers photography-themed tours and workshops for enthusiastic amateur photographers as well as avid photographers. They will focus on wildlife auroras, landscapes and northern night skies. Review by Tom Kallsen