AV minifest

AV minifest

Dear members,

We have asked you to let us know if you are doing an AV show. The reason behind this was multi-fold.
It lets us plan the evening and have a reasonable control over that evening.
Imagine what will happen if 10 members show up with 10 minute long shows?

That is precisely why the time limit of 5-6 minutes was set. It doesn’t not need to be that long, that is the maximum.
Historically our 3 Club AV show is shown that evening, it is 17 minutes long.
We can not afford to allow first few presenters to go over the time limit, as it is not fair to the ones who will be stuck at the end, when audience starts leaving.
Every person producing a show, must be given an equal chance to share it with us all.

As some members who indicated are still working on a show, please edit it to a maximum of 6 minutes. It is digital media and it is simple to do.
The evening of March 7, please show up at least 1/2 hr early, so that we can load your show.