An AGM and a Glass Plate

An AGM and a Glass Plate

At the recent Annual General Meeting, the club’s President, Virginia Stranaghan, smoothly guided the meeting through all of the required steps.

The appropriate thank yous were presented, a club auditor was selected, the various executive council reports were approved, a couple of bylaw changes were enacted and the incoming executive council was selected, including Dave Evens as incoming club President.

During the meeting, the disposition of an item from the club’s archives, a circa 1905 glass plate negative, was discussed. For those who may have missed the meeting details of the image have been provided below:

The Club’s Glass Plate Negative

The H.C.C. PIONEERS, by Johan Wigt

This photo is one of our oldest record documents available, and, is to my knowledge, the only photo in that rank of records. It is taken from a glass plate negative measuring 6 by 9 inches, which is fully intact in the club’s possession. Having consulted with a number of people in our region who are knowledgeable in the historical field it is thought to have been taken in 1905 or so; this is based on the style of dress on both the ladies and gentlemen in the photo. It was undoubtedly taken by a club member using a large view camera similar to those in the image; the negative itself is tack-sharp, no doubt the benefit of the early shake-reduction system using a sturdy hardwood tripod!

The history of our club is destined to be fully written up based on documents in hand as well as research based on external scources. This is a fascinating project when one considers that even this photograph was made during the SECOND phase of the Club’s life. This metamorphosis will be dealt with in future installments here, so keep an eye out for coming installments!

Respectfully, Johan Wigt.

Thanks to Tom Kallsen for providing the image capture and the description from Johan Wigt.

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