Adventures in Still Life with Johanne Voorbert

Adventures in Still Life with Johanne Voorbert

A Review by Rose Norman –

Johanne provided us with a very interesting and informative presentation which was an inspiration to all of us. His manner of presenting was easy to follow and he shared the equipment he uses for his still life photography. He also showed a simple way to set up a home studio and the products he uses. For example, he uses a mirror tile and a home-made snoot which we could all benefit from. Johanne shared that he uses simple things from his home, leaves, flowers and items purchased at thrift stores. Some of the things he advised is that we should not use too many items in our shot, light with a snoot from the left side or lights from both sides and turn off the lights in the room.

In his high key images, Johanne uses lights reflected onto his white backdrop. This provides light from the background lighting the product For low key images, he suggests simplicity and to light the subject from one side. Johanne advised to “eliminate and illuminate” which was shown in his images where the light was hitting only the flowers. He reiterated that “light” is the most important element.

Johanne provided us with numerous abstract images that were very unique. His words of wisdom were to keep the ideas simple and just play. It is obvious from Johanne’s photos that he enjoys this genre of photography. It is one way of still taking photos when it is too cold (or hot) to go and shoot outdoors.

Thank you, Johanne for inspiring us.

More of Johanne’s images can be found on his Flicker Site.

For those HCC members that missed this workshop or those who would like to see it again, go to the Member’s Only Tips and Tutorials page. A Zoom recording of the workshop is available there, in the Workshops and Outings section, for anyone who is logged in.