2022/23 Christmas Holiday Potluck Celebration

2022/23 Christmas Holiday Potluck Celebration

A Review by Tom Kallsen –

The Potluck Social event was a gastronomical success! There was a good mix and amount of food, more than enough to feed thirty five hungry members and guests in attendance – from cheeses, deviled eggs, buns and such through the salads, mains and desserts. There was a good selection to satisfy everyone’s taste. If anybody went home hungry I am sure it was by choice.

In an effort to go green, this was a BYOP (Bring Your Own Plate) event where everyone brought their own plates, cutlery and drinking vessel in an effort to cut down on waste. In the spirit of the event, there was also good participation in separating the recyclables and compostable from the garbage.

After the meal our assignment topics for 2023-24 were chosen and then a fun Family Feud “like” game was played. Gail did a great job putting this together, believably playing the part of Steve Harvey! On the screen there were the boxes that held the answers and Gail included a buzzer that timed out the person or if the answer was wrong. It was the Reindeers against the Elves and prizes were chocolate balls and candy canes, but not just for the winners (The Elves) but everyone in the room.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone for participating in our Christmas Food Drive. The goods and monetary donations were gladly received at Neighbour to Neighbour Food Bank and will make some peoples lives a bit better.