Motion in Photography Workshop

Motion in Photography Workshop Presented by Bert Pierre by Tom Kallsen

HCC Club member Bert Pierre gave a very interesting and informative presentation on how he uses multiple strobes and flashes for lighting his subject to a good sized crowd on a cold and blustery day. By the afternoon closures and cancellations were being announced but luckily that didn’t affect this event. I found it was well worth braving the weather to attend this event.

Bert is an accomplished photographer, willing to give advice and also donate his time to do free photo shoots for a worthy cause. He is also know for McGivering his own gadgets to get what he needs.

Bert had on hand the equipment he uses and set up demonstrations with an eager volunteer from the audience. There were many good tips on lighting and set ups, proper white balance, modifiers as well as on camera settings. He let us know there are some very good reasonably priced equipment out there that is a big money saver over the big brand name stuff.