An Evening with

Norm Ullock

Nov 2, 2020

OCCC Judge Chair

NEW Date & Location!

Nov 14th, 2020

Photo Composites


Macro & Nature Photography

Nov 30th, 2020

- Jason DiMichele

Dec 14th, 2020

Landscape Photography

- Rachel Lerch

Jan 18, 2021

Studio Lighting Workshop

Jan 30th, 2021

Bert Pierre

Under Water Photography

Feb 1st, 2021

- Stuart Seldon

Lightroom Part 1 Workshop

Feb 13th, 2021


Hans Vooberg

Mar 13th, 2021

Still Life Workshop

High Key / Low Key /

Slide background

Early Morning Bug Photography

Apr 11th, 2021

- Scott Simons

Upcoming Events


Street Photography Outing

Here's an opportunity to practice some of the ideas from Monique Campbell's recent presentation while with other club members are nearby doing the same thing.

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