That’s The Point

A Review by Jorge Valdez

Tonight we, at the Hamilton Camera Club, had the pleasure to have Ron Clifford as a guest speaker.

This was an excellent opportunity to watch a very experience photographer explain with simplicity some aspects of photography that most of us take for granted. The presentation was not only interesting and informative but also inspirational.

Ron showed that not only that he is a excellent image creator but he also has the ability to explain, and demonstrate through images, some photography methods that can impact and grab the attention of the viewers. He clearly demonstrated how the eye is immediately drawn to areas of high contrast, be it light on dark or dark on light. Ron also illustrated how colour contrast and using selective focus does also focus the viewer attention as well.

He provided some helpful tips like getting down to eye level or lower and, after choosing the subject, doing the “bob and weave” to get a contrasting background. Some of Ron’s images illustrated that some of the best times to shoot are in the worst weather.

I’d like to thank Ron for sharing with us some of the knowledge that he acquired through the years and hope someday soon we can have him back.

Jorge Valdez


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  1. Doug Turner Avatar

    Ron mentioned the artist’s colour wheel. Many people probably already know about Adobe’s Colour web site but for those who don’t try . There is a drop-down menu under the heading “Colour Harmony” that allows you to see the complimentary colours and the details (i.e RGB values) for those colours.