2023/24 Macro Photography with Roman Kurywczak

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7:30 PM

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Zoom Only

In this program, Roman will share with you all of his technical tips and tricks needed to take your close up photography to the next level without having to rely on a tripod. Many people are comfortable with creating shallow focus closeup images but he will show you how to achieve consistently tack sharp images, all in a single frame, simply by using a flash, and handheld!

Topics will cover specific settings as well as traditional and non traditional gear to maximize your time spent out in the field or indoors. Overcoming distracting backgrounds will be discussed in depth with photographic examples showing you how easy they are to handle. The key to Roman’s success is using flash correctly to properly balance any exposure and achieve dramatic results.

Roman will explain some frequently used tricks by the pros so that you can easily apply them in the field or studio to quickly improve your closeup skills. Many of these tips and tricks are inexpensive and can be done using the gear you already own. During the entire lecture you can ask questions to ensure that you go home with a better understanding of all the topics covered in the program and create tack sharp images of your very own.

Sorry, this event is expired and no longer available.
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