2023/24 Learning Stations

Event Date:


Event Time:

7:30 PM

Event Location:

Columbus Hall

Imagination & Learning Are the Heart of Photography

Join Us on February 5th to Jump Start your Creative Processes

Several stations will be set up with props and accessories for a hands-on experience. Travel from station to station and let your imagination go. Draw on the expertise and inspiration of fellow members. Work together, to see where your imagination takes you.

Strongly Suggested Gear:

  1. A Camera or Cell Phone
  2. If available, an assortment of lenses for the item above

Other Possible Gear If you Have It:

  • A Reflector
  • A Flash & possibly a defuser
  • A Tripod

How it will work

Club Member volunteers will set-up the stations throughout the hall. Once the meeting commences, members who are present can explore the various stations and try out the set-ups to see how it works. Share your experiences and thoughts, try something new, explore some aspects of photography that you might be interested in and learn from the people around you.

Help Wanted

We need a few volunteers to be responsible for one table/station setup. You will NOT responsible for manning the station; just for bringing and setting-up the the set and/or equipment for one of the suggestions below, or for something else you think will spark someone’s imagination. At the end of the session, we will need you to be responsible for cleaning up and removing the table/station setup.

Suggested Potential Stations

Product Photography, Suspended Items, Portrait Shoot Setup, DIY Creations, Bokeh, Flower Arrangement, Constant Lighting Setup, Shiny Base Reflections,  Oil & Water, Whimsy of Coloured Liquids, Soap Bubbles, Water Drops on a Glass Pane, Lensball, Water Drop Refraction, Polarized Plastic, ICM, Zoom Blur, etc… Or anything else that you are willing and able to share!

Get Involved!

Please contact Tom at president@hamiltoncameraclub.com  to volunteer for a station.

Event Location:

  • Columbus Hall
  • 222 Queenston Rd.
  • Hamilton
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