2023/24 A Human Powered Big Birding Year with Brett Forsyth

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7:30 PM

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Columbus Hall

Come along and see the obstacles and triumphs of Brett’s journey.

In 2022, Brett Forsyth embarked on an adventure to set Ontario’s first human powered big year record. He aimed to document as many of the 400+ bird species in the province as he could through video, photo, and sound evidence. From walking a few steps into his front yard in Guelph, to biking as far as 300km in a single day. Get a glimpse into what it takes to power a big year with your own legs, and experience the sights and sound for yourself.

©  All of the images in the description of this presentation were created by and are copy-written by Brett Forsyth

About Brett

Brett Forsyth is an accomplished nature photographer, technologist, and instructor based in Guelph, Ontario, who specializes in capturing the intricate beauty of the natural world, particularly birds and their habitats. As the owner of Brett Forsyth Photography since 2014, he produces fine art prints and teaches a range of photography workshops, including macro photography. With a deep understanding of the natural world, Brett’s work aims to forge a stronger connection between people and nature, and he shares his knowledge through social media, writing, and public events. His captivating photographs have been published in notable outlets such as Canadian Geographic, The Toronto Star, Cornell’s Living Bird magazine, and the CBC. As a technologist with expertise in full-stack development, project management, and product design/development, Brett has over 25 years of experience assisting clients with their technology-related needs. As an educator, he has contributed to the Environmental Visual Communication Program at Fleming College, the Royal Ontario Museum, and Vancouver Film School, where he has developed curriculum and mentored students on a range of digital design and interactive projects.

Event Location:

  • Columbus Hall
  • 222 Queenston Rd
  • Hamilton
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