Constant Lighting – Every Photographer’s Dream

A Review by Gerhard Greeve

On November 18th, 2023, Hamilton Camera Club members turned up in numbers to attend the Constant Lighting Techniques Workshop presented by Pat Owens.

HCC Member using the opportunity to try a few shots.

The large crowd was an immediate indication of what was to come this fine winter’s morning at Mohawk College. And yes, within the first two minutes of Pat starting his presentation, all knew today was going to be a good one.

Opening with a great sense of humour and then getting right into the art of lighting a subject such as still life, food and products in general, HCC members were amazed to see how proper lighting really enhances this form of photography. With Pat’s uncomplicated and effective table top setup, members took the opportunity to participate and take a few shots for themselves.

Pat Owens and his table top studio

Speaking on behalf of the attendees, we want to sincerely compliment Pat for his excellent presentation and sharing his knowledge with us all. We thoroughly enjoyed your presentations Pat, and all of us are keeping an eye our for a next session with you.

Gerhard Greeve

Images courtesy of John Steadman


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