Basic Camera Workshop !!

A Review by Mary Weusten

On Saturday, Sept 23rd, the first workshop of the latest Hamilton Camera Club season was held at Dundurn Castle. The workshop titled “Basic Camera Clinic” was facilitated by Master Photographer Juraj Dolanjski.

Seven individuals were in attendance. While waiting for the 9am start, Juraj and the early arrivals engaged in small talk regarding our own onomatology and the picturesque scene provided by Burlington Bay through the trees.

After we all arrived and the intros where done, Juraj was able to engage with all attendees; answering simple to complex camera and photography questions as he navigated basic camera skills and technology.

He gladly shared interesting stories of his photographic experiences, types of photography and first steps into camera use while making sure to engage all participants.

After the clinic, Juraj was happy to answer one-on-one specific camera related questions whether the participant was brand new or having had a few years of photography under their belt. Juraj navigated the personal, basic and even intermediate level questions, including the importance of the hobby, regardless of new AI.

The clinic lasted just over two hours not including the time spent together photographing a Christmas Scene Movie set, that was filming at the workshop location.

The attendees and I would like to thank the HCC and Juraj for providing the Basic Camera Workshop.

Thank you again to Juraj and the HCC.

Mary Weusten


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