About Us

To Motivate & Inspire…

Our Mission

Since its formation in 1892, the mission of the Hamilton Camera Club has been to motivate and inspire members to accept new challenges and improve their photography. The club achieves this through the sharing of ideas, expertise and activities and by offering a variety of learning opportunities for all skill and knowledge levels.

Old & Experienced

Formed in 1892, the Hamilton Camera Club (HCC) is one of the oldest camera clubs in Canada. However the seeds of the HCC started even earlier; the HCC is an off-shoot of the Hamilton Association for the Advancement of Literature, Science and Art (HAALSA) which was founded 35 years earlier in 1857.

In the late 19th century, as stand alone entity, the HCC was organized as a co-operative venue for the production and sharing of black and white print images. While somewhat quaint by today’s standards, the creation of black and white prints was a costly, difficult and time consuming endeavour for most individuals. As result, a genuine spirit of collaboration, co-operation and sharing became the foundation of the HCC which remains to this day.

In the mid-20th century, the HCC evolved to include both colour prints and colour slides as well as clinics and competitions which provided members with feedback and new learning opportunities.

The advent of the digital camera saw the club change with the times once again. The 21st century acquisition of a high quality digital projector has allowed electronically projected images, rather than slides, to become the new and primary medium of photographic expression for our club members. And, although projected images are popular with our members, you will still find Black and White prints amongst the images created and submitted by our members.

Image above: The HCC Executive, circa 1905, dry plate silver nitrate & gelatin negative on glass – reversed in post-processing