2023/24 Scavenger Hunt Outing #1

A Review by Tom Kallsen

On Sunday, November 26th, 2023, a group of 12 HCC members gathered in Dundas under sunny skies to go hunting. The temperature was above freezing and the winds were calm.

After gathering our weapons and checking the settings, we set off into the streets of the town. We split into smaller groups and, with the utmost stealth, proceeded to focus in on our targets, taking our shots whenever possible. Our aim was to knock off as many of the targets that were on our lists as we could.

Sometimes targets that were not on the list also appeared, and since it was open season, we took those shots as well. Whether our trophies were suitable for displaying or not would be decided later after the excitement of the hunt had passed.

To celebrate a successful Fall hunt, we entered the establishment of Shawn & Ed brewing Co. for a fine afternoon repast and a quaff of beverage of one’s choice. Without a doubt it was a fine hunt; worthy of the celebration.

It should be noted that no targets or hunters were harmed in today’s hunt and the was celebration done responsibly.

I, for one, cannot wait for the Spring hunt to arrive — and more chances to capture my quarries.

Tom Kallsen

“The excitement is not that the game is so big, but that the game is so wild.”



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