2023/24 Holiday Potluck Dinner

A Review by Tom Kallsen

Twenty five members and guests turned out on Dec 11th for the club’s annual Christmas Social.

Three long tables were set out with a wide variety of food and treats. Main dishes, sides and plenty of dessert were offered for everyone’s enjoyment. No one went hungry and, sadly, some of us ate way too much. Christmas tablecloths, a centre piece and some donated chocolates decorated the tables in an appropriately festive fashion.

There was good conversation, some bad jokes (courtesy of yours truly), and the enjoyment of some AV shows that played on the screen through the evening. As a bonus, the attendees had a sneak preview of some of the images from this season’s Scavenger Hunt which were included in one of the AV shows.

There was only one item of formal club business that was dealt with during the evening: the choosing of the Clinic Assignment topics for the 2024-25 season. Suggestions from members provided a wide assortment of topics to vote on but through the efforts of our sharp-eyed and diligent vote counting crew, we quickly arrived at the four topics; Automobiles, Barns, Doors and Low Angles. More details can be found on the Clinic Assignment Topics page. Remember for next year, if you would like to be able to influence the choice of assignment topics then come to the Holiday Potluck Dinner and have your say.

At the conclusion of our gathering, the cleanup went smoothly and quickly with everyone pitching in. Many lucky club members were able to take some leftovers home for post dinner follow-up snack.

Tom Kallsen


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