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Snowflake Photography Workshop

by Tom Kallsen

On a Spring like late January Saturday, with mud and grass abundant but no snow on the ground, a large group gathered to take in Gail’s workshop. Members brought their camera gear to try and get some practice. Gail, so as to make sure no one was let down brought some fake snow for anyone wanting to practice their focus stacking shooting technique.

The presentation was well received by the audience. I found it informative and encouraging in that one doesn’t need top end (read super expensive) gear to achieve good results. It does take perseverance and patience and a certain amount of luck, just as all things worth doing and improving on do. With practice the results always get better.

Gail gave some pointers on equipment, clothing and techniques for capturing the images. She also took us through her post processing and stacking workflow as well as providing the post processing techniques for downloading for reference. Most of us have had the good fortune to see Gail’s images and I think would agree she is quite accomplished in this.

Snowflake photography can be frustrating. While at work one can see the snow falling but don’t have the time to shoot. Sometimes the snow comes down in globs instead of flakes. Other times you can go through the post process and stacking to find it really didn’t work out for that one. C’est la vie. Research the subject and keep trying and one day you will also have snow to hang on your walls.