HCC Needs a New Home

As mentioned at our last meeting, we will need to look for a new location to hold the HCC for next season.

We will keep a running list of locations below that have been contacted so that we don’t have multiple people calling the same locations.

If anyone has recommendations, this is what we require, if you can contact the location and let the exec know the details, that would be very helpful.

Please forward your information to and I will share with the exec.

Location contact information:

Room Requirements:

  1. Monday evening meetings
    • approx 2x per month
    • accommodate 100 -175 people
    • projector screen
    • ability to darken the room (window blinds) for presentations
  2. Workshop Room
    • approx. once a month
    • typically Saturday mornings
    • room for approx 50 people
  3. Print Judging Room
    • 4x a season,
    • approx 15 people
  4. Exec meeting room
    • can be booked as needed
    • approx 15 people
  5. Storage Closet

    • locked space for projector, screen, computer etc.

Our current rental structure is:
Large Hall $75 per meeting
Basement $50 per event
Exec meeting room $25 per meeting


 Locations that have been contacted:

  • Knights of Columbus – Parkdale
  • West Highland Church (Baptist);  1605 Garth St, Hamilton
  • Bethel Gospel Tabernacle; 1355 Upper Wellington St, Hamilton