HCC By-laws


By-Laws Approved:  Apr 27, 2015 at Annual General Meeting

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The Head Office of the Corporation shall be in the City of Hamilton and at such place therein as the Board of Directors may from time to time determine.


The Seal, an impression whereof is stamped in the margin hereof, shall be the corporate Seal of the Corporation. The custodian of the original Charter and Seal of the Corporation shall be the Corporation’s lawyer Andrew D. Pringle, of Wynne, Dingwall &Pringle, presently of 231 Wilson St. East Unit B, Ancaster, ON. (Awards chairperson currently holds the seal)


he fiscal year of the Corporation shall terminate the 31st day of May in each year.


The objectives of the Corporation shall be as detailed in the Charter, chiefly to establish, maintain and conduct a Camera Club (known as the Hamilton Camera Club, and hereafter referred to as the Club) for the accommodation, education, convenience and entertainment of those interested in still photography in Hamilton and area, and in such connection to provide a location which, at the discretion of the Board of Directors, has the facilities to carry out the function of the said Club; to take part in, organize and administer photographic competitions; and to co-operate fully with other photography clubs and associations.


1. The Board of Directors shall supervise, and implement as necessary, the management and running of Club affairs. These are elected positions.

2. Standing Committees shall implement, with guidance from the Board, specific ongoing activities of the Club. Each Standing Committee will have one (1) Chairperson with the power to add. The Chairperson is automatically a
member of the Board of Directors.

At the present time, the Standing Committees are:
a. Membership
b. Honours and Awards
c. Projected Images
d. Prints
e. External Club Liaison
f. Communications

3. Ad Hoc Committees will be established by the Board of Directors to implement procedures with a well defined (short) duration. For example, a Nominating Committee may be established to assist with the election of the next Board of Directors. A Program Committee may be drafted to propose the calendar of activities for the upcoming Club year.

4. Membership is open to the general public.


1. A duly elected Board of ten (10) Directors shall establish policies, procedures and practices for the Club and shall propose amendments to the By-laws for ratification by membership at the Annual General Meeting or at any other Special Meeting of the general membership called for this purpose.

2. The membership of the Board shall consist of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Webmaster, plus the Chairpersons of the five (5) Standing Committees, and on the invitation of the President, the Chairpersons of each Ad Hoc Committee. Duties of the Directors can be found in the appendix.

3. All Directors shall retire each year, but if qualified, are eligible for re-election.

4. Any HCC member, in good standing, is eligible to be nominated for a position on the HCC Board of Directors, provided that he/she has been a member for at least 6 calendar months. In addition, if a member is being nominated for the position of President then that member must have also served on the HCC Board of Directors for a period of at least one year.

5. The members of the Board of Directors shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting of the Club by secret ballot.

6. The Board of Directors elected at the Annual General Meeting shall take office on June 1 of that year. The Board of Directors shall meet at least twice during the year.

7. Special meetings of the Board shall be called at the request of not fewer than four (4) Directors. Such meetings shall require notice to be given to each and every Director not less than two (2) days, or mailed not less than seven (7) days, before the meeting is to take place.

8. All meetings of the Board of Directors shall be held within 50km of the Head Office. All meetings shall constitute closed sessions unless determined otherwise by the Board of Directors.

9. Directors shall decide questions by majority vote. Every Director has an equal vote, but in case of a tie, the President, in addition to his/her original vote shall have a deciding vote. A quorum shall be six (6) Directors.


The Nominating Committee shall be appointed by the Board of Directors and shall, after obtaining acceptance of candidacy from each candidate, prepare a slate of one or more candidates in good standing for each of the ten (10) vacancies on the Board of Directors. Nominations for the Board of Directors shall be opened forty-five (45) days prior to the date of the Annual General Meeting, and shall close ten (10) days prior to the date of the Annual General Meeting.


1. Persons interested in photography, and following payment of dues, are admitted as members of The Hamilton Camera Club.

2. Guests/visitors are permitted to attend up to two (2) regular meetings of the Club without payment of dues. Subsequent attendance is permitted only after full payment of dues. Guests may not vote on Club business nor submit images for competitions or evaluations.

3. The following categories of membership have been established.
(a) Active Members: Individuals who have paid dues.
(b) Family Memberships are available at a reduced rate.
(c) Student Memberships (part-time or full-time student status at a post-secondary institution) are available at a reduced rate.
(d) Honorary Memberships: By majority vote at a regular meeting of the general membership, on the recommendation of the Board of Directors, individuals who have given outstanding service to the Club or to photography in general may be awarded an Honorary Membership without further payment of dues. Such individual is not entitled to vote or hold office, but will otherwise enjoy the same privileges as active members.
(e) Life Memberships: A Life Membership may be awarded to any member by the Board of Directors for outstanding contribution to the Club. Such a member is entitled to vote, hold office and otherwise enjoy the same privileges as Active Members. Life Memberships must be announced to the general membership within one month following the effective date.


Membership dues shall be decided annually by the Board of Directors at its First Meeting. Membership dues are payable at the first meeting of each club year. Members whose dues are in arrears shall not be entitled to the privileges of Active members until such dues are paid specifically, the same restrictions as those identified for Guests/visitors (SEE ITEM 2 OF SECTION Vlll) will be in force.


1. Members shall abide by these By-Laws, and advise the Board of contraventions thereto, or of any ambiguities.

2. Members shall keep the Club informed as to their correct mailing address, phone number, and email address.

3. All members shall enjoy the rights and privileges of the Club as established by the Board of Directors.

4. Members shall promote the Club to the community and encourage the general public to join the Club as new members.

5. Membership in the Club is renewable annually at, or before, the first Club meeting of the year. Membership may at any time be revoked by decision of the Board of Directors, with or without reimbursement.

6. Active, family, student, and Life members in good standing are entitled to cast a vote on Club business. Honorary members and guests are not entitled to vote.


1. An Annual General Meeting shall be held at the end of each Club year, not later than May 31, in each and every year, during which the Annual Election of the Board of Directors shall take place.

2. The order of Business at all Annual General Meetings shall be as follows:
i. Minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting
ii. Matters arising out of those Minutes
iii. President’s Report
iv. Treasurer’s and Auditor’s Report
v. Report of Committees
vi. Election of Board of Directors
vii. New Business
viii. Appointment of Auditors
ix. Entertainment and/or Social Activities
x. Adjournment

3. Regular, periodic meetings (no quorum or order of business necessary) such as slide shows, Club meetings for competition, evaluations, lectures, demonstrations, workshops, etc. shall be held during the year as determined by the Ad Hoc Program Committee in consultation with the Board of Directors. The preparation of the Program will be the responsibility of the Program Committee, of which the President will be a member.

4. Formal notice of any Special General Meeting of the Club shall be given a minimum of one (1) month in advance, and publication in the Club’s annual Official Program shall constitute notice thereof.

5. A quorum for the transaction of business at any meeting of members, or any Special General Meeting of members, shall be 25% of the voting membership.


The official publication of the Club shall be officially known as “The Bellows” and will be displayed on the website, and shall be issued as the official communication for, of and to the Club members.


Amendments to the By-Laws may be made by resolution of the Board of Directors, and presented for confirmation at the Annual General Meeting or at a Special Meeting of the general members duly called and constituted for that purpose. Notice shall be given to the members and shall state the express purpose of the meeting and proposed changes.


Vice President
Membership Chairperson
Honors and Awards Chairperson
Projected Chairperson
Prints Chairperson
External Club Liaison Chairperson

1. President

1) Responsible to the Board of Directors for day-to day management of the Club’s activities and shall preside at all meetings of the general membership and the Board of Directors.

2) Introduces speakers, arranges for their honorarium and thanks speakers

3) Oversees and solicits volunteers for committees to organize various club ventures
a) Forms and oversees a Programming Committee
b) 3 Club Photographic Exhibition
c) Masters Night
d) Club A/V Night
e) Critique Night
f) Year End Banquet

4) In consultation with the Board, has a right to recommend Club’s involvement in any of the above activities be curtailed, if there are no persons available to run them.

5) Prepares a year-end report to be presented at the Annual General Meeting.

2. Vice-President

1) Assists the President in the discharge of his/her duties

2) During President’s absence, shall perform the duties of the President.

3) Secures judges for the upcoming year.

4) Attends Clinic judging, briefs the judges, helps with the running of clinic, provides honorarium to the judges

5) Assists during Clinic Presentations

6) Attends Directors meetings as required.

7) Prepares a year-end report to be presented at the Annual General Meeting.

3. Secretary

1) Records Minutes of the Annual General meeting

2) Records Minutes of all meetings of the Board of Directors

3) Prepares Club’s “Thank you card” and arranges for the copies to be available for the year’s speakers and judges.

4) Records judge’s comments at Clinics and provides them to the Projected and Print Chairperson

5) Conducts Club correspondence

6) Be custodian of a copy of the
a) Charter
b) Records
c) Membership list
d) Register of Directors
e) Minutes
f) Other documents

7) Ensures safe and timely transfer of all Club materials in their possession to the new Secretary.

8) Attends Directors meetings as required.

9) At the AGM reads the minutes of the previous year’s AGM

10) Annually, after the AGM, file the incorporation papers to the government regarding the change in Executive members.

4. Treasurer

1) Responsible for receiving, disbursing and safekeeping of Club’s funds.

2) Keeps proper records of the Club

3) Collects and keeps records of yearly membership dues

4) Signs cheques

5) Collects, tabulates, deposits and pays out monies for special Camera Club events (Awards Dinner, 3Clubs Exhibition, Workshops, fund raising etc)

6) Presents a financial statement at each meeting of the Board of Directors

7) The Club’s funds shall be kept in a Chartered bank or Trust Company and may only be disbursed under the direction of the Board.

8) Delivers the Club’s books at an appropriate time to the Auditors named at the Annual General Meeting

9) Turns over to the Board all monies and records in his/her possession within seven (7) days of a written request duly authorized by the Board.

10) Attends Directors meetings as required.

11) Prepares a year-end report to be presented at the Annual General Meeting.

5. Webmaster

1) Responsible for the production of Club’s Website officially known as and to be titled “The Bellows”
a) website content to include but not exclusive to
i) Clinic Results
ii) Upcoming Events
iii) Report on Past Events
b) Create Website and maintain currency and accuracy of it
i) Website replaces Bellows, the HCC official newsletter
ii) Webmaster has flexibility over the layout and content of the Website, but any major changes should be presented to the Executive for approval.
iii) Reports the results from recent clinics. This requires obtaining the HMs (image name, score, and creator) from the prints and projected chairpersons and posting them to the Website.
iv) Posts on the Website reminders of upcoming events, reports on past events, and occasionally for sale items.
v) While there is an opportunity to edit and publish content contributed by members, there are rarely such contributions, and so the editor may also occasionally need to write one or more articles, for example, describing a tip or technique, commenting on trends in the industry, or anything else that the editor feels may be of general interest to the membership.

2) Attends Directors meetings as required.

3) Prepares a year-end report to be presented at the Annual General Meeting

6. Membership Chairperson

1) Receives phone calls from people interested in joining the Club (Chairperson’s phone # is listed on the Club website and in the Club program)

2) Greets new members and guests at each meeting, has the guests sign their name in the guest log, and gives them an overview of the Club activities for the upcoming year.

3) Introduces the guests and new members to the current membership at the beginning of the meeting, as this enables the current members to see who they are and can welcome them at our coffee break.

4) Signs up new members and take their information i.e. email address for future correspondence for Club activities and general information.

5) Collects all membership fees from new members and renewals and forwards the funds to the Club treasurer.

6) Keeps an updated list of all members throughout the season and keep the Board of Directors updated with this information.

7) Promotes the Club and increase membership each year.

8) Submits a final membership list to club Secretary

9) Attends Directors meetings as required.

10) Prepares a year-end report to be presented at the Annual General Meeting.

7. Honours and Awards Chairperson

1) Clinics
a) Collectsollects clinic scoring information from the Print and Projected Chairpersons (This information is generally passed on to the Awards Chairperson 2 weeks prior to the next clinic submission.)
b) Determines which club members qualify for
i) HM
ii) Printed and Projected Winners of
(1) Assignment
(2) Creative
(3) Pictorial
(4) Nature
(5) Image of the Night
c) Produces the appropriate Clinic Ribbons.
i) The ribbon colours breakdown is as follows:
(1) Red: HMs
(2) Blue: Category Winner
(3) Purple: Print/Image of the Night
d) The ribbons are generally presented following the presentation of the Clinic
e) Maintains the supplies for ribbons, ribbon labels (currently Avery 08162 Ink Jet preferred or the 05262 Laser).

2) Advancement Certificates
a) Record HM’s earned by each club member
b) From the HM calculations determine which Club members have advanced to the next level
c) Produce the appropriate Advancement Certificates.
d) Present Advancement Certificates following the presentation of the Clinic.
e) Maintain the supplies for Advancement Certificate paper (currently Magna Carta Parchment neutral or Ivory colour).

3) Year End Awards (Trophies and Runner-up Ribbons)
a) The year end awards consist of trophies and ribbons.
b) These awards are presented at the year end dinner.
c) Calculates winners for the following categories and levels
i) Categories
(1) Pictorial
(2) Creative
(3) Nature
(4) Assignment.
ii) Levels
(1) Junior
(2) Intermediate
(3) Senior/Master
d) Retrieves the trophies awarded from the previous year and prepare them for the current year
e) Orders the engraved shields
f) May have trophies commercially cleaned and repaired as required.
g) Orders memento trophies for each winner.

4) Attends Directors meetings as required.

5) Prepares a year-end report to be presented at the Annual General Meeting.

8. Projected Chairperson

1) Responsible for the care and storage of the Club’s digital projector.

2) Responsible for setting up the equipment for all presentations and to assist the presenter with their presentation – This could be done by a Projectionist if one is available

3) Submission Collection
a) Collects submissions for projected images as well as the projected version of print submissions and creates a list
b) Forwards a copy of the list to the Print Chair to confirm the printed submissions received match list.
c) Reviews all images to assess proper size and presentation.
d) Rejects all images which do not comply with submission requirements.
e) Sorts images into Pictorial, Nature, Creative and Assignment categories.
f) Arranges the images in the order they will be presented, with the title image in each category.
g) Creates the final version of the file to be presented at the judging or use as a backup

4) Judging and Scoring
a) Have the scores recorded and make sure there are no ties in a category.

5) Clinic Presentation
a) On the Clinic showing night present the images to the entire Club.

6) Year End Awards

7) Attends Directors meetings as required

8) Prepares a year-end report to be presented at the Annual General Meeting.

9. Prints Chairperson

1) Submission Collection
a) Collects and catalog prints submitted on submission dates.
b) Compares submissions to the list from the Projected Chair to confirm the printed submissions received match.
c) Sorts prints into pictorial, nature, creative and assignment categories, in the order they will be judged as per the Image Name same as the spreadsheet created by the Projected chairperson.
d) Numbers prints in the order they will be judged.

2) Judging and Scoring
a) Takes the prints to the judging and present them before the judge or judges.
b) Have the scores recorded and makes sure there are no ties in a category.
c) Writes the scores on the backs of the prints

3) Clinic Presentation
a) Takes the prints to the clinic showing and presents them as on the judging night.

4) Attends Directors meetings as required.

5) Prepares a year-end report to be presented at the Annual General Meeting.

10. External Club Liaison Chairperson

1) Communicates with other area camera clubs on issues of mutual interest, and report on same to the Club.

2) This person is a member of Programming Committee, chaired by the President

3) Is a member and or HCC rep of one or more organizations listed below.

4) Oversee and/or solicits volunteers for HCC representation in additional remaining organizations/activities such as:
d) PSA
e) Outings

5) Informs the membership of outside competitions and contests as may arise, such as ones with other cities in the world with the name Hamilton.

6) Obtains the latest List of Presenters and the list of current O.C.C.C. and/or CAPA accredited judges for the Board’s use.

7) Creates a report for the AGM on the activities that our club has entered into this year.

8) As part of the Programming Committee is responsible for the production of the annual brochure (Program)