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The Playhouse Estate
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The Playhouse Estate resides on a very private treed 13 acres and offers a stunning visual backdrop as well a selection of Exotic cars on site and the backyard offers a stunning kidney saltwater pool with waterfall and hot tub. The owner rents out the exotic cars on the weekends so he cannot guarantee how many cars will be available when we are there for our shoot.  We will be able to shoot what ever cars he has available that have not been rented out for the weekend. The grounds will be manicured for our visit and we are free to wander the grounds outside the buildings and take images at will. Trevor Wilkinson has offered to bring his 1964 Chevrolet Truck, Bert Pierre is going to see if he can get a couple of his friends to bring their special cars and he is also going to try to line up a couple of models for us. I checked and Stewart is fine with us bringing the vehicles to shoot he said the more the better. All photographers must agree that images taken at the Estate are for personal use and not commercial use.  They can be used in AV Shows and Clinics etc.  If we were to use them form commercial purposes the cost for the event would be more than triple what we will be paying. The event has been booked for Saturday, June 17th – if the weather ends up being really bad like Thunderstorms, we will change the date, so check the website the day prior to the event to confirm.