Event: Outing: Ayr Farm

Outing:  Ayr Farm

Outing to “The Hill” farm

Members of the Hamilton Camera Club and the Brant Camera Club are invited to visit and photograph “The Hill” farm on Saturday, September 30 from 11AM to 4PM. 4856 Trussler Road (southwest of Ayr). Bring your lunch if you wish. Attractions include old machinery and tools, new machinery, bank barn, historical display and an archery demonstration at 2 PM. Enjoy a day of photography, fresh air and fellowship.


The Edgar family of “The Hill” farm is celebrating 180 years (1837- 2017). James and Jane Edgar with their eight children and grandmother emigrated from native Ayrshire, Scotland and landed in New York July 26th 1836. A year later, thirty years before Canada became a country, they purchased “The Hill” farm for $2350 dollars. Currently the sixth and seventh generations reside on the farm. It is an active commercial farm consisting of over 600 acres with broiler chickens and a beef cattle feedlot. The farm is a testimonial of generations of hard work and good fortune.

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