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Event: Neil Osborne – People, Planet and Protected Places

Neil Osborne – People, Planet and Protected Places

People, Planet, and Protected Places

From swimming with grizzly bears in the Pacific Northwest, to dropping a 6-million dollar robotic submersible down onto the Gulf of St. Lawrence seafloor, to sitting with an Inuit in the Canadian Arctic wind at -50℃, Neil Ever Osborne is a visual storyteller working on conservation campaigns that express the important link between people and planet. He’s even hiked through the heart of the Brazilian Amazon and didn’t get bitten by a snake, though he saw a spider the size of a dinner plate. Hear more of Osborne’s misadventures and some fortunate successes as he gains insight from elders in Ecuador’s fragile rainforests, cod-kissing fishermen on the East coast, and a farmer who lives with penguins in his backyard. In their voices, Osborne reflects, “we understand a little bit more about how this crazy world works, and how inherently connected we are to the living planet.” Three nieces add a final touch of wisdom when he talks about his work closer to home, a place he will always want to protect. Osborne’s work is deeply rooted in a documentary approach that bear’s witness to humanity’s ecological footprint, the human demand on nature. All the while, he uses visual storytelling to start a dialogue he believes is of the utmost importance: we’re not apart from nature, but very much part of it. Date: September 17, 2018 Starting Time: 7:30pm Main Hall Barton Stone United Church 21 Stone Church Rd W. Hamilton ON HCC Non-Members: $10.00 payable at door


I am a Toronto-based conservation photojournalist and visual artist working to express the inextricable link between people and planet. My work is deeply rooted in a documentary approach that bears witness to humanity’s ecological footprint–the impact of human activities on nature. This work is principally carried out in protected places that celebrate pristine wilderness and in places in peril that draw attention to habitats that still need protection. For me, visual storytelling is a way to start an essential dialogue we all can benefit from–we are not apart from nature, but very much part of it. I collaborate with domestic and international publications, NGOs, charities, corporations, philanthropists, Indigenous nations, fine art galleries, and with a growing community of online advocates who align with my values. My photography is represented by National Geographic Creative. I am a Fellow of the International League of Conservation Photographers, a Fellow of The Royal Canadian Geographical Society, and a Fellow of the Explorer’s Club. As a Partner at Evermaven, a full-service environmental communications agency, I am based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada when not in the field. Website
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