Event: Multi-Station Creative Photography

Multi-Station Creative  Photography
We will have a fluid and interactive session in the workshop room, allowing you to engage in a variety of different photo-stations.

There should be something for everyone in this largely unstructured and experimental environment!

Our goal is to have you trying new techniques and approaches that have not been part of your repertoire before and we will have experienced HCC leaders on hand who can discuss the methods and applications of these various techniques.

    Our stations will include items such as:
  • Macro or miniature photography
  • Smoke
  • Water drop or action freezing photography
  • Intentional camera movement
  • Oil/water/cd photography station
    What should you bring?
  • Your camera, with well-charged battery and empty memory card
  • A notepad and pen so that you can take notes on the techniques you try, along with noting your camera settings, etc.
  • A tripod, and cable release if you have one
  • A flashgun, if you have one
We are still in the process of confirming access to certain apparatus, so we may switch out an item or two, but come prepared for a flexible and creative experience!

We are looking forward to seeing you on Saturday morning!