Event: Meteor Shower

Meteor Shower
******METEOR OUTING CANCELLED***** The weather is still calling for thunderstorms and it does not look like the cloud cover is going to move out any time soon. We will be booking another night photography outing at a future date.   Outing date: August 13   Time: Meet in parking lot at 7:30pm and we go down to shooting location by 8:00 pm   Outing Description: The summer’s best shooting star show is expected be even more spectacular this year, thanks to an unusual “outburst” that only happens about once a decade. Astronomers predict the Perseid meteor shower, which peaks on the night of Aug. 11-12, will produce about double the number of meteors as it normally does. The Perseids happen each August as Earth passes through the stream of dust and debris left by the comet Swift-Tuttle. As those particles or meteoroids smash into the Earth’s atmosphere and burn up, they produce bright streaks across the sky that we see as meteors or shooting stars. During a typical year, if skies are dark and clear, you can expect to see a meteor every minute to every 30 seconds during the peak, says Peter Brown, a professor with the Meteor Physics Group at Western University in London, Ont. “And a lot of those meteors will be pretty bright.” This year, he says, “the rates could be up to … a couple every minute, maybe even three a minute” if you’re camping or at the cottage, away from city lights. Dark skies are key to seeing lots of meteors.” Cost: free Outing Address: Binbrook Tract Conservation Area; Tyneside Trail, Hamilton, ON L0R 1W0 Where To Meet: We will be meeting in the parking lot off Tyneside Rd between Chippewa Rd E and Haldibrook Rd. If you come near or after dark, to turn your headlights off before pulling into parking lot, the astronomer guys get mad 😉 How many participants: unlimited Facilitator: Jeanne Pickles Will there be a rain date? NO What to Bring:
  • Widest angle with lowest aperture possible for possible Milky Way shots and any other lenses you think may work
  • Remote or trigger trap (or know where your timer is on your camera)
  • Tripod
  • Flashlight or headlamp for the trail back (Red headlamps are best to not interfere with open shutters)
  • Bug Spray
  • Bottles Water
  • Chair

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