Event: Hamilton Garden & Mum Show

Hamilton Garden & Mum Show
About The Hamilton Garden & Mum Show runs from Oct 23 to Nov 1. We are being allowed into the event before it is opened to the public, so we can use our tripods and have less interference in your photos. When the show opens at 9:00am to the public the tripods have to be closed. You can continue to photograph the flowers as you like. If you would like more information about the show please visit the website at: 
http://hamiltoninbloom.com/ Outing Date: SAT OCT 24 2015 Outing Time: 7:30am to 9am with a tripod Is the event for members only?:  Open to guests as well How many participants allowed:  20 Will there be a facilitator or is it self guided: Facilitator – Kerriann Conroy Facilitator Contact Info: Kerriann Conroy 905-379-7474 HCCKERRIANN@GMAIL.COM Outing address: Gage Park Greenhouse, Parking lot off Lawrance Ave. Where to meet: In the lobby Rain or Shine?: Event takes place regardless of weather Rain date information if any: n/a Cost: $5.50 SENIORS – $6.50 ADULTS How to sign up: On the sign up sheet that the meetings or by email:
 HCCKERRIANN@GMAIL.COM How to pay: At the meeting

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