Event: Gallery 96 NFRCC Print Show

Gallery 96 NFRCC Print Show
Subject: Gallery 96 NFRCC Print Show Here is a poster for the Gallery 96 NFRCC Print Show that runs through Oct. 13.  Note that the special opening is scheduled for next Friday, Sept. 8. The show includes 36 images that received special recognition in the 2017 CanAm Print Salon.  These prints are the work of 26 photographers.  Note that a few photographers are listed on the poster who decided not to participate in the show. THANK YOU to the photographers who agreed to participate, since this show is good exposure for the NFRCC.  A special THANK YOU to Janet LoPresto and Keith Burkard for collecting prints for me and also to other club reps who delivered prints at our meeting on Aug. 27. website