Event: Freaktography


Freaktography – Urban Exploration Photography

November 27, 2017 at 7:30 pm Barton Stone United Church 21 Stone Church Rd W Hamilton, Ontario  L9B 1A1 HCC Non-Members: $10.00 payable at door  

About Freaktography

Urban Exploration Photography:  Photography of the often unseen and off-limits parts of civilzation. Freaktography explores and photographs abandoned buildings, highrise rooftops and storm drains all in the name of adventure and photography.  This presentation takes the viewers on an interesting trip through some of his favourite locations such as abandoned insane asylums, hospitals, psychiatric hospitals, churches and many houses that are full of old items and relics from the past, almost as if they left and never came back.
The presentation will discuss how he uses well known photography styles and techniques to capture images, and he promises to bring a local touch to his presentation with many abandoned buildings from the Hamilton area.
Freaktography has been featured on Petapixel, CTV News Toronto, Yahoo News, Buzzfeed, The DailyMail and Telegraph in the UK as well as dozens of news sites and magazines around the world from Australia to Italy to Germany, China and more.
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