Event: Food Drive

Food Drive

Calling all members,

In the past we were lucky that the church had a large bin and ongoing food drive program. Terry Pergentile did a great job promoting this and the membership responded with a positive attitude.

There is no ongoing program that I know of where we now meet but that does not mean the need is not there.

I would like to ask of you to please bring in something for a food drive on Monday December 4th. I will see that it gets to Neighbour to Neighbour so that those in less fortunate circumstances

will have a chance for some much needed assistance, especially with Christmas so near.

Please be as generous as you can afford to be.

Below is from their website. These types of Items are healthier so they can promote better health in their clients.

We also usually tend to think only of food in a food drive but there are other things as well some cannot afford – see Other Needed Items:


please check expiry dates:
Yummy Tummies
Healthy Food for Healthy Kids:
Dried Goods
commercially sealed packaging only please:
Other Needed Items:
Unsweetened Peanut Butter Whole Grain Crackers Granola Bars Baby Formula:
Similac, Enfamil
Oatmeal and Low-Sugar Cereals Canned Fruit / Fruit Cups Rice, Barley, Grains Diapers
(size 3-6)
Canned Fish & Meats Powdered Milk Peas, Lentils, Beans, Legumes Nutritional Formula:
Boost / Ensure
Low-Sodium Canned Vegetables 100% Fruit Juice Nuts, Seeds Toiletries: Soap,
Toothpaste etc.
Pasta Sauce Unsweetened Apple Sauce Dried Fruits Reusable Cloth Bags

Financial donations are also welcome. They can make $1 stretch further in purchasing power than you or I.

If anyone already knows they won’t be at the Dec 4th meeting I would be more than happy to receive what you can bring at the Nov 27th meeting.

Thanks for your consideration. Together we can make a large difference.

Tom Kallsen