Event: Creative Shorts

Creative Shorts
To all the members who agreed to share some of their Creative Shorts with us on March 21. I am hoping to streamline the evening presentation, so here is a suggestion: You can show your creative image and simply talk about it and the steps that took you to get there. You can reveal any level of creative detail that you want. Or you can show us your starting image, maybe some intermediate steps and finally your ending image. There will be no live Photoshop (or similar) demo, however you can record the “appropriate “screen grabs” and save them as individual jpeg files. Label them from 1 to 10, being the maximum number. Screen grab is performed under Windows by holding down Alt key and pressing PrtScn. On Mac press Command – Shift – 3 keys. In an image editing software paste that “grab” and save it as a jpg file. Once you have all of your steps as images, go to our server and upload up to 10 images. Sumit your images here I will be able to download them and save them for presentation for the 21st. Otherwise bring your USB stick with presentation on it. Thank you for doing this for us. It should be a fun evening. Juraj

Moderator: Juraj Dolanjski

This is something new and exciting for this year. It is open to all members who produce creative images, departing from ordinary camera capture. The more creative the better and sky is the limit. You will be given time to show and talk about that “one” image. In the process we hope you will share with the members your ideas, clues, technical and artistic hints. As a result, we all will learn from this varied cross pollination of creative ideas that will surely inspire us to try something new. For this event we need to know who will present, so please email me as I will co-ordinate this evening. juraj@cogeco.ca Starting Time: 7:30pm Main Hall 1411 Upper Wellington St.  Hamilton ON