Event: CAPA Image Evaluation Course


The CAPA Image Evaluation Course is basically a one day training on Evaluating and Scoring and image. It is a prerequisite to becoming a CAPA judge but more than that it gives you insight into what runs through a judge’s mind when evaluating an image. It helps to improve your images for competition by helping you to understand what makes a better competition image.

We have 15 registered at this point and need to get our numbers up to 30 for the course to run. Your support would be helpful.

Welland Camera Club is hosting the event at Four Points Sheridan in Thorold and lunch will be included. 

Course date is Jan 21, 2017 go to CAPA website to register.

CAPA Evaluation Course Are you interested in learning how to evaluate and score photographic images or how to make a better image? CAPA is pleased to provide our comprehensive and renowned course that teaches you how to look at and understand an image, comment on its strengths and opportunities, and correctly score it at Club and CAPA competitions. This full day course will make you a better photographer and includes a copy of the 125-page CAPA Judges Manual.

You will quickly learn how to:           Identify the strengths and weaknesses in a photograph           See the message the photographer intends           Spot the criteria that makes a photograph great           Understand the Techniques used to create the image           Set aside your own personal bias when evaluating           Apply a fair and impartial score to an image           Understand what judges look for in your photography           Discover new ways to evaluate photography           Know why it’s ok to break rules for great photography           First step to qualify to become a CAPA Certified Judge Course Date: January 21, 2017 – Sponsored by the Welland Camera Club Location: Four Points by Sheridan – 3530 Schmon Parkway, Thorold, Ont. L2V 4Y6 For more information on how to register for upcoming courses visit the website