Event: Black and White Revisited

Black and White Revisited

Facilitator: Colin Williams

register_now For the Workshop:
  1. Participants will need a laptop (fully charged) with Lightroom as a minimum, Lightroom/Photoshop preferred  preloaded.
  2. Optional: Camera and Manual and white styrofoam cup or styrofoam bowl (dollar store)
  3. Important: email Colin for a zipped file (colinredwilliams@me.com) It needs to be on the members desktop but should not be opened.
“I feel that form, texture and especially light play such an important factor in photography and that colour images sometimes lack those important elements since the eye cannot visualize a scene or subject void of colour.”
In a presentation on the 11th of Jan 2016 and a followup workshop on the 16th Jan 2016.  Colin will apply the concept of creating an image in greyscale or black and white to better understand how light and luminosity effect the final picture. “Black and White Revisited” is about getting back to basics using digital cameras and software. Starting Time: 9:00am Study Hall (downstairs) 1411 Upper Wellington St. Hamilton ON
Having an interest in the arts and as a child growing up demonstrating an ability for painting and drawing my transition into the world of the camera was just a question of when. Before the advent of the digital age I took a course in photography where I learned to process black and white film, this knowledge became a very important step in my understanding of the conversion to black and white photography using computers and software.  Exploring the works of artists who have come before our time is a great source of inspiration.  I find inspiration from the world around us but often I find that more and more challenging as the landscape is changing at a rapid pace due to the increasing growth of the urbanized world.  I envy the time of the British Artists of Gainsborough and Turner and the Canadian Group of Seven, Lawren Harris being a favourite.