Event: Audio Visual is Fun!

Audio Visual is Fun!
Audio Visual is fun Producing an Audio Visual (AV) show can add a totally new dimension to the photographer’s presentation. There are many pieces of software that could be used for creating an AV show. Most users are happy with ProShow. How about more sophisticated effects like motion, combining video, multiple layering to enhance the show? Blending colours in adjacent images, causing translucency to allow “melting” of one image into another are some of the techniques illustrated. What about Alpha (transparent) layer? Build AV image sequences in Photoshop or morph your images. Combine with a suitable soundtrack and end up with a memorable production.   Jan 14 2017 Starting Time: 9:00am Study Hall (downstairs) 1411 Upper Wellington St. Hamilton ON HCC Non-Members: $25.00 payable at door  

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Facilitator: Juraj Dolanjski About Juraj Dolanjski is an Eleven Star Master Photographer, an imaging technology, Audio Visual and software expert.  He has presented lectures at NFRCC and CAPA conventions and is sought after as a photography motivational speaker and workshop instructor in the Greater Toronto area.  His work has been published in Canadian Camera Magazine and in trade publications and brochures.  He has contributed his work to number of photography art exhibitions in the Hamilton and Burlington area.       Website