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Dr. Ron Goodlin: Conservation-Wildlife an Nature Photography With a Purpose

By Tom Kallsen

On a miserable snowy, cold and blustery evening a few hardy souls went to set up for this meeting. We were worried. Was the good doctor going to make it in from his Toronto home? Were any members going to come out? Just before 7pm, after a 2 1/2 hour struggle in traffic,  in walked Dr. Goodlin. We had not yet started setting up and were wondering if we should not have cancelled this meeting earlier due to the conditions. There were about 9 or 10 people here at this time. Ron’s comment was ” I am here so let’s get set up, I will do this”. As it turns out over 50 members slowly started to arrive. No one was disappointed.

Dr. Goodlin has had the good fortune to be able to travel extensively and pursue his passion for conservation and photography. He is involved with conservation efforts and also has taken time to build schools and provide care to the Maasai people in Kenya and Tanzania.

Ron is not only an accomplished photographer but also a passionate and entertaining speaker. His AV clips were great with sound tracks fantastically appropriate to the shows. I loved the “Splish Splash”. His mission is to raise awareness and promote change through nature photographs by bringing awareness to the affects of Climate Change, Pollution, Poaching, Urban Sprawl and Industrialization on our natural living world. Affecting change one image at a time. Not all he showed us were stunning images of regal beasts but also the sad reality of the decimation of wildlife, through human ignorance and greed, for tusks, rhino horns and the like. Not pretty but something that needs to be shown to the world in an effort to put a stop to this senseless slaughter.

He gave us a good many tips on getting good shots and also choosing excursions and what to pack to travel light. The four “P’s” for necessary for nature and wildlife shots 1) Patience (all things come to those that wait).  2) Push the limit (get out of your comfort zone).  3) Persevere (keep going back, keep trying).  4) Pray for luck -right place at the right time (increase your luck by knowing your subject and it’s behaviour).

If you already have not done so be sure to check out his website.  www.rgphotoart.com.