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Clinic Judging

First time here will take a few minutes to download information for judging. You can leave and return to finish

Dual monitors would be best you can view images on one monitor and scoring on the other monitor

Before Judging click the category heading as this will sort the images by category.

If Required is shown above the comment field, the submitter has requested a critique these are randomly presented to the judges and are mandatory, you have 300 character limit.

If you want to critique on any image you may do so as well.

Click the thumbnail image to show full screen image

You can click on test pattern to display a calibration image to check you contrast and brightness levels

Once you click Finished you will not be allowed back into the judging area unless a Administrator resets your status.

If your judging is missing a score or comment it will show an error and tell you why you can not submit your final scores

If image does not fit the category give it a Zero (0) and enter comment as why.

If any issues call, email, or text me:  cell number for calls and text 905 921 3571  or dan@dancopeland.ca

Please Read before judging

Computer Requirements
Our images are a maximum of 1400 px in the width side and up to 1050 px in height, sRGB color jpg files.
Please confirm you have the following computer display attributes prior to making a commitment to judge on line:
Displays are set to a minimum resolution of 1752 x 1152 px at 32 bit colour.
Displays set to less than 1400 x 1050 px are not allowed as you will not be able to view our images correctly.
Images should be viewed from a minimum of 24 inches from your Monitors.
Laptops will NOT be acceptable (due to variances in viewing angles).
Displays should be calibrated within 2 weeks of judging, by a proper hardware / software display calibration.
Viewing of images should be done in the same conditions as the initial calibration of the monitor.
Refrain from zooming into an image more than 100%, even if your browser
allows zooming.
We will provide you with a standard target monitor image to check your brightness
levels and a target image that will display a red border that must be visible without scrolling

CAPA On Line Judging – Technical Summary
– Minimum display size is 17”
– High Gamut monitor capable of showing 100% sRGB colour space or better
– Minimum resolution of 1024×768 OR Club stated resolution for the competition
– Viewing distance should be a distance greater than twice the diagonal size of the screen image – not screen size – image size (image size on screen 10” viewing distance should be no less than 20” from monitor), avoid leaning in on some images and not others
– Monitor must have been calibrated within 1 week (or less) using a quality calibration device
– Refrain from zooming into images as one would not be able to do if in a projected competition
– Try to evaluate each category of the competition at one sitting whenever possible
– Give yourself requirements as to Colour Space and Resolution for submitted images
and make sure you are work in the same environment. You need to correctly see what the maker has submitted for evaluation
If you do not have the equipment to properly view images in a calibrated 100% sRGB environment
please do not accept on-line judging assignments in fairness to the image makers.


Please use the Name and password sent to you for judging to login goto membership then click member login 

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