Clinic Judging

First time here will take a few minutes to download information for judging. You can leave and return to finish

Dual monitors would be best you can view images on one monitor and scoring on the other monitor

Before Judging click the category heading as this will sort the images by category.

If Required is shown above the comment field, the submitter has requested a critique these are randomly presented to the judges and are mandatory, you have 300 character limit.

If you want to critique on any image you may do so as well.

Click the thumbnail image to show full screen image

You can click on test pattern to display a calibration image to check you contrast and brightness levels

Once you click Finished you will not be allowed back into the judging area unless a Administrator resets your status.

If your judging is missing a score or comment it will show an error and tell you why you can not submit your final scores

If any issues call, email, or text me:  cell number for calls and text 905 921 3571  or

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