AV Presentations

3 Club 2016 AV Show

Produced by George Novakovich

Mc Macro: Bug Hunter

Produced by Gail MacLellan

‘Bug Hunter’ is a fun look into a world we rarely see or notice. As a photographer I am fascinated by the detail, colour and life of these little wonders.

Remember while you are watching that many of the bugs shown are smaller than a quarter of an inch, some are only millimeters long!

Fantasy in Frost

Produced by Juraj Dolanjski

‘Fantasy in Frost’ is made up from super macro close-ups of strange and ever changing frost patterns on a window of unheated garage. The haunting soundtrack from Sarah Brightman completes the Audio Visual production.
Images are continuously moving to simulate frost growth and it’s fleeting short life span. Produced in German AV software from m.Objects.com.


Produced by Rick McKenzie

The idea behind my AV presentation was to try and express a feeling toward  how a number of people view photography today.
My photography does not end but most often begins after the camera shutter is pressed.  I see the camera and computer as equivalent tools to be used to their fullest to express oneself much as a painter might with brush, paint and canvas.  In this show,  “pure” photography is represented by B&W images and “non pure or created” photography with colour.  The soundtrack helps to add emotion as the lyrics tell about a life altering decision.


Produced by Hugh McGilchrist

A collection of country Barns

Hamilton’s Playing Field ‘Home of the TiCats’

Produced by Lynn Schettle

A personal project of the transition of ‘Hamilton’s Playing Field’ photographed from the last season at Ivor Wynne to the opening season at Tim Hortons Field.

Canada’s Ballet Jorgen

Produced by Kathy Ward


This video shows my approved pictures from Ballet Jorgen Canada’s dress rehearsals. For each rehearsal we can submit 20 images for approval by the artistic team. My images are shot in Shutter Priority (1/100-1/500) Auto ISO (Nikon D5100 with 70-200 mm lens – IS0 800 up to ISO 25,600) (Panasonic Lumix FZ200 used in last two shows ISO 800 – 1600) and F 2.8. A monopod is used but some participants use tripods as well.


Produced by Karen Cunningham

Favourite Landscapes

Produced by Art Ward

Starred Photos

Produced by Bob Gillie

“I do have a camera & these are what I like over the last year”

Far Away Places

Produced by Shirley Dennis

This show highlights some iconic images and some lesser known subjects from Downunder and Asia

Holiday Traditions

Produced by Paul Hotson